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About us

Exile Shorts is a subscription-based eResource dedicated to licensing, curating and delivering award-winning short-form, student films and educational audiovisual content relevant to FTV, Media and Communications, Performance and Creative Arts students.

We work with you to present these rich materials to students and inform the film/ media and performance learning process.

Audiovisual media is part of our cultural capital and heritage, and it creates a large amount of information that we’re committed to preserving and celebrating. 

Our customers are Universities, High Schools and Libraries around the world. We encourage the use of our eResource in libraries and classrooms for students to absorb the work of past and present filmmakers in order to form their own creative ideas.

Exile Shorts exists to assist you to educate, support and inspire the next generation of FTV and Media & Communications students.


Exile Shorts focuses solely on delivering short films and short-form content relevant to the FTV, Media and Communications, Performance and Creative Arts faculties.

Accompanies curricula

Accompanies class studies, written resources, practical work and integrates fully with your existing library systems.

Reference tool

Stream video media from a diverse range of established filmmakers and films by students and alumni from Universities.

Historical and cultural value

Content spanning from 1888 to present day, creating historical value and insight into the development of media technology.

Research and development

Essential eResource for research, development and pre-production of a short film and/or media project.

Built for institutions

Readily supported by subject librarians and learning skills advisers without the need for high levels of subject or technical knowledge.

"Technology continues to bring us wondrous advances in filmmaking to improve how we view movies."

- Ridley Scott (Alien, Blade Runner, Gladiator, The Martian)

Our content partners

Exile Shorts ensures duplication of content is kept to a minimum and does not overlap with existing subscriptions.

and many more...

Why students are saying we are top of the game

Our catalogue:

  • focuses entirely on the course work and assessments being undertaken by students;
  • consists of exclusive content that is not available to students online;
  • exposes students to films being made by their international peers;
  • is constantly updated through ongoing supply agreements with our content partners; and
  • includes the earliest films across one and two-strip technicolor, black and white, and stop-motion, giving them unique insight into the development of media technology.

Intelligent search capabilities

Exile Shorts provides equitable discovery in the following way:

  • Related videos: use of algorithms that suggest videos to users based on past interaction with the eResource.
  • Search navigation function: easy access to our catalogue through search terms.
  • Schools / Universities and organisations: selected Schools/ Universities and organisations have their own collection.
  • Course subject: directing, screenwriting, performance, cinematography, music composition, sound and production design.
  • Thematically: love, grief/loss, revenge, isolation.

“Exile Shorts is the most focused audiovisual reference tool for short-form content built to support students as they begin their journey towards a career in cinema and the visual arts.”

- Alexandros Ouzas, Managing Director of Exile Shorts

Our commitment to you

Exile Shorts undertakes a process of research, dissemination and publication of written and audiovisual content that aims towards excellence and employability for students.

We provide expertise and assistance in the use and integration of our eResource into curricula.

We are committed to building relationships and partnerships with you to ensure maximum value and a single point of contact.

We provide standard usage analytics and data to enable you to establish the value of our eResource and for consideration of your renewal.

Why choose Exile Shorts?

Figures taken from usage over a 12 month period, including trials of Exile Shorts.


Hours of content

From 20+ content partners.


Email engagement

Taken against industry average open rate of 22.1%. 6.8% click rate against industry average of 2.33%.


Videos played per week.

On average per user of Exile Shorts.


Want Exile Shorts

Percentage of users who undertake a trial.


“Exile shorts is a perfect opportunity for our films and students to be seen and known worldwide.”

Maria Marta Antin, Head of International Affairs & Communication, Universidad del Cine (ARG)

“Exile Shorts went down an absolute treat with RMIT students across a variety of levels and disciplines. Looking forward to finding new ways of bringing these shorts into the classroom, and sharing our own work with the world!”

Dr Daniel Binns, Program Manager, School of Media and Communications, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (AUS)

“As a distributor it is very rewarding to work with programmers who see shorts not as an exercise but an artistic form on its own.”

Serge Abiaad, Company Director, La Distributrice de Films (CAN)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Exile Shorts different from other audiovisual resources our library subscribes to?

Our collection focuses on Film and Television, Media and Communications, Performance (drama) and the Creative Arts. We only focus on delivering short-form as students produce this content as part of their assessment.

How frequently is content added to the catalogue?

We are constantly adding new content to our catalogue through existing and new relationships with content providers and film distributors around the world.
We work with the library community to respond to the real needs of our end user, students. Our content is delivered in a way that promotes meaningful usage and we love hearing from staff and students about what content they would like to see on Exile Shorts.

Can our entire institution access Exile Shorts across multiple campuses?

Yes, Exile Shorts can be made available to your entire institution via IP authenticated access.

Is Exile Shorts available to the general public as a subscription service?

Not at this stage, but that may change in the future!

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